GBL HARDBALL LEAGUE, 2023 (Grimsby Baseball League)

This League is part of the 2023 season, which is not set as the current season.
9U GRIMSBY ROCKIES440083425+90.5764-0-0W4vs. N/A, 5-6 (W)
13U GRIMSBY ROCKIES33006275+220.8443-0-0W3@ N/A, 5-1 (W)
11U GRIMSBY DODGERS220041411+30.5602-0-0W2vs. N/A, 4-5 (W)
9U GRIMSBY REDS21102125+70.7061-1-0W1vs. 9U GRIMSBY GIANTS, 0-8 (W)
9U GRIMSBY PIRATES211021311+20.5421-1-0W1@ 9U GRIMSBY BLUE JAYS, 9-5 (W)
9U GRIMSBY BLUE JAYS211021011-10.4761-1-0L1vs. 9U GRIMSBY PIRATES, 9-5 (L)
11U GRIMSBY RAYS211021924-50.4421-1-0L1vs. N/A, 16-7 (L)
9U GRIMSBY MARINERS31202826-180.2351-2-0L2@ N/A, 0-17 (L)
11U GRIMSBY METS202001321-80.3820-2-0L2vs. 11U GRIMSBY RAYS, 12-8 (L)
15U GRIMSBY REDS20200925-160.2650-2-0L2@ N/A, 4-13 (L)
13U GRIMSBY PIRATES20200515-100.2500-2-0L2@ N/A, 2-11 (L)
9U GRIMSBY GIANTS20200317-140.1500-2-0L2@ 9U GRIMSBY REDS, 0-8 (L)
Regular Season
13U GRIMSBY ROCKIES1916213317165+1060.7259-0-1W6vs. N/A, 4-16 (W)
13U GRIMSBY PIRATES19136026194146+480.5716-4-0W2vs. N/A, 8-12 (W)
11U GRIMSBY DODGERS1888218140147-70.4883-6-1W1@ 11U GRIMSBY METS, 14-6 (W)
11U GRIMSBY METS1879216143154-110.4815-5-0L3vs. 11U GRIMSBY DODGERS, 14-6 (L)
9U GRIMSBY ROCKIES10640124846+20.5116-4-0L2vs. 9U GRIMSBY BLUE JAYS, 13-6 (L)
11U GRIMSBY RAYS18512111163188-250.4641-8-1L2@ N/A, 7-15 (L)
9U GRIMSBY PIRATES10334105047+30.5153-3-4T1vs. 9U GRIMSBY MARINERS, 4-4 (T)
9U GRIMSBY GIANTS1045193742-50.4684-5-1L3vs. N/A, 7-6 (L)
9U GRIMSBY BLUE JAYS934283240-80.4443-4-2W1@ 9U GRIMSBY ROCKIES, 13-6 (W)
15U GRIMSBY REDS2041608113230-1170.3291-9-0L8vs. N/A, 7-0 (L)
9U GRIMSBY MARINERS1026264963-140.4382-6-2T2@ 9U GRIMSBY PIRATES, 4-4 (T)
9U GRIMSBY REDS1026261444-300.2412-6-2L1@ N/A, 1-5 (L)