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Before requesting a release, PLEASE NOTE: "It is the position of the Grimsby Baseball League that in order to help local OBA programs grow, a player should always play where he/she lives when possible. Therefore, releases will not be granted to a player when there is a position available on a rep team for their age group within the Grimsby Coyotes program.  Exceptions to this rule will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Baseball Ontario regulates the movement of Rep players between OBA Associations. If...

Your family resides OUTSIDE of the Town of Grimsby, AND

Your child was rostered on another Rep team in Niagara last season, OR

Your Local Association (by residence) will be hosting a Rep team in your child's division (Minor or Major) this season...

If your child meets the above criteria, you will likely require an official PLAYER RELEASE from your Local Association. This is a mandatory requirement, and the document is required to be in our possession prior to your child participating in any GBL activity. Please contact our Rep Director at [email protected] to verify the requirement of a player release for your child, and to discuss the process involved.

Once the required Player Release is obtained, please forward it ASAP to [email protected] for our records. We must have this release in our hands before you are permitted to step onto a field to tryout for the Coyotes.


If your family resides in the Town of Grimsby, and you would like to tryout/play for a rep team in another Association, you WILL require a PLAYER RELEASE from the GBL.

All release requests must be submitted through our online form and must include the reason the player is seeking the release as well as where they are choosing to tryout. The online release form can be found - HERE -

Under Baseball Ontario guidelines, players are required to play in their Local Association by residence, therefore GBL is under no obligation to grant player releases. 

All release inquiries will be forwarded to our Rep Director who will address the release at the following GBL monthly meeting. The GBL Board will then have 30 days from the date of the request, to review the reasoning and deliver a decision.

* House League players (and by extension Select Players) do not require a player release to play in the House League division of another OBA Association (or come to GBL). They must however return to their Home Association (by residence) in the future, or request & obtain a player release should they wish to tryout/play for a rep team other than in the Association where they reside.